About Turkish Air Carriers Dispatchers Association

Our association was established in Antalya in 2006. While being established, All commercial airlines and private businesses’ dispatch offices in Turkey contributed to this process. Dispatchers are the least known staffs at aviation industry. Notwithstanding the fact that being an aircraft technician and an air navigation controller has been dreamt by the kids for a long time, quite few people choose working as a dispatcher, all of whom already work at aviation industry, seeing that it is not believed to be a significant job at all. Herewith, our association was established so as to make it widely known, set standards for education, work and enhance these standards all the way. The assosication has been carrying out activities with the founding purpose for 14 years. In this process, it plays a crucial role for opening the departments of dispatching at universities. Moreover, its reputation has become more and more with being updated SHT-44. Our association has been giving enough effort to make it better known and improve its standards more than the international ones’ and to make this, we almost always interact with the federations of dispatchers in Europe and all over the world.